Waiting you with 100% Royalty rights.

Smurfy Santas is a collection of 250 generative Santas.


About Us

Smurfy Santas is a collection of 250 hand-drawn and well curated Santa themed NFTs.

Smurfy Santa team believes in full ownership. Therefore, all royalty rights will be transferred onto minters which is 5% of all secondary sales.

Ho ho ho!New Year's Lottery will be held among Smurfy Santa owners and bonus prizes will be given back to the community after sold-out.

Lastly, 5% of all revenue will be donated to a credible children support organization.


  • Building up the community
  • Minting Day
  • Royalty rights (100%) transferred onto minters
  • Marketplace integration
  • Prizes with New Year's Lottery for minters/holders
  • Charity to Children Foundations


Smurfy Santas are limited edition generative art NFT series formed of 250 hand-drawn Santa combinations.


1 SOL.

No, we believe fair launch for all is better.

Phantom gives the smoothest experience, however, Slope or Solflare also works fine.

There is no limit but you just have to be quick ;)

NFT owners will be rewarded with all of the royalty rights if they mint their Smurfy Santa before they hit the secondary markets.

Every single minter gets 5% royalty gain from secondary market sales forever.

Royalty rights will be transferred to first minters and it'll be fixed forever.

Our Discord channel is the place to talk and hang out.

We only take one for each of us and the rest will be sold in fair manner.